This just in: Gabe & Tycho, creators of were voted #13 on Time’s list of “most influential people in government, science, technology, and the arts.” Check out the full list here. Other geek notables were Neil Patrick Harris at #7, James Cameron at #30, Seth MacFarlane at #37, Neil Gaiman at #54, and J.J. Abrams at #66. For reference’s sake, Obama weighed in at #14 and Oprah was at #34.

EDIT: Apparently the article is not a posted list of people, but an active poll. That being said, if you’re reading this by all means go nuts and vote for whoever you want. The results above were as of 4:38pm EST on Friday.

These numbers have no real significance except as a barometer for what kind of stuff Time readers are voting for in. I mean, there isn’t even any methodology listed, so it’s almost an arbitrary list of names. Where’s your scientific rigor, Time?

Still, anything that lists Gabe & Tycho that close to the top is pretty cool. Wil Wheaton was right when he said in his keynote at PAX East that gamers are getting more important in the world. Speaking of which, PAX Prime tickets are on sale and you should get your badges asap if you plan on going.