It’s old news as far as the age of Twitter and the internet go, but if you haven’t heard already, Yoshitaka Amano is making a movie called Zan. I don’t know about you, but Amano is my favorite graphic artist and I can’t wait for this one.

Nobody knows what it’s about yet, suffice to say that it features a huge panther-like thing that becomes Zan’s pal, a la the beast master. Just a reminder, but Amano is the main man behind the vast majority of the art in the Final Fantasy series and easily my personal favorite visual artist. To say that I’m excited would be akin to simply describing the Hindenburg as some blimp that caught fire.

For you Pokemon enthusiasts out there, the official site for the upcoming Black and White versions (the first Generation V games) was just updated today with new screen shots. I don’t read Japanese, so I have no idea what the text says, but the newly posted screen shots seem to indicate that the non-battle areas will be in full 3d and that the new in-battle screen will show the complete back of your currently active Pokemon, rather than those awkward back-of-the-head sprites. Aside from aesthetics, there’s been no word as to what’s changing in regards to changing game mechanics, details on new Pokemon (aside from the images for Zoroark and Zorua, two pure Dark-type Pokemon in a new evolutionary line), or any new types out there, but at least the visuals look promising. Keep an eye out here and places like Bulbapedia for news as it becomes available.

Kick-Ass comes out tomorrow. It also happens to be the day that I turn a quarter-century old. Coincidence?

I’m a little behind on catching up with this one, but I finally got started on the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher after reading the fantastic graphic novel prequel, Welcome to the Jungle. I’ve plowed through the first three books in less than a week and I have to say that they’re by no means perfect, but I’m thoroughly impressed and drawn in. For the uninitiated, it’s a series about Harry Dresden, a private contractor wizard in modern day Chicago. The first three books feature exploding hearts, missing persons, dark magic, half a dozen different kinds of werewolves, bloodthirsty spirits, murderous tangible nightmares, vampires, a holy crusader and his epic sword, several intense action sequences, and more than enough suspense, mystery, and intrigue to keep the ball rolling. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you owe it to yourself to at least pick up Storm Front, the first book, for a measly $8 at your local bookstore and give it a read. It’s certainly a better purchase than that take-out you were thinking about.

Oh, and apparently this one hit DVDs a year ago and slipped under the radar, but it’s worth mentioning: The 1994 Sci-Fi series, M.A.N.T.I.S. It’s about a wheelchair-bound scientist that invents a mechanical exoskeleton that enables him to walk, kick ass, and fight crime, featuring Gina Torres of Firefly notoriety as one of the main characters. The DVD set is the complete series, plus the “unaired” episodes that only aired on SciFi. Oh, Fox, and your horrible inability to retain quality television shows.