The new Club Nintendo awards for achieving Gold or Platinum Elite status were announced today at the Club Nintendo website. Reiterating them here, they are as follows:

If you’re a Platinum member for the July 2009-June 2010 year, you can choose one or the other. As of posting (about 1:00pm EST), however, the servers are pretty much borked and I would advise steering clear until traffic relents.

UPDATE: Servers were fine as of about 7:00pm EST. I ordered my Platinum reward, then got a confirmation e-mail that reads as follows:

Hello JAKE,

Your Club Nintendo Elite Status reward order has been accepted.

Your reward will be delivered by the end of December 2010. You
will receive an email when your order ships.

Thanks for supporting Nintendo!

My what will be delivered when? December is six months from now! Can Nintendo seriously not handle orders, like…at all? Even the Wii shipped out secondary waves faster than six months! I mean, if I had a full-time permanent address at one location and I wasn’t going to go anywhere else between now and then, cool, but I’m moving to Newark, NJ by the end of August, so a six month delivery window is sort of like Comcast asking me to sit tight and be at home for the next week, since their representative could arrive at any time.

Actual employee from Nintendo's shipping department*