Still wondering if you should buy Pokemon Black or Pokemon White as soon as it comes out? One little guy might help you make up your mind: Pokemon #000, Victini, who can only be downloaded at launch. Available by digital distribution via WiFi as early as launch on March 6th, this little Fire and Psychic type will only be available until April 10th, after which you’ll have to beg and barter for one from a friend.

As far as the nitty gritty technical details go, Victini is the only Fire and Psychic type Pokemon in the game, it doesn’t evolve, it has universal base stats of 100 all around, and it’s the only Pokemon to have Victory Star as its passive ability. According to Bulbapedia, Victory Star raises the accuracy of Victini and its teammates in double and triple battles by 10%, a pretty nice bonus for such a tiny Pokemon.

Victini is also the only Pokemon to learn Ball of Flame, a 100 power, 100% accuracy Fire ability with 5 PP that also has a 30% chance to burn its target. It also naturally learns useful abilities like Devastate, Confusion, and Nitro Charge, and can learn a wide array of TM moves.

Basically he’s a pretty badass little dude, maybe even one of the best pokemon of Black and White for some teams, and you almost certainly want to have him available, so make sure you get the game early and download him ASAP!