Pokemon Black & White have been out for just a few weeks now, so I’m betting that many of you who play have either beaten the main game or are getting close to doing so. At that point, you’re probably wondering, “What do I do now?” or, “How about some of that advanced training and battling I was doing in D/P/Pl/HG/SS?” Maybe you’re wondering where some good EV training hotspots are in this new generation. Well, have I got just the guide update for you…




In Pokemon Black & White, you’ll find that EV training is a little bit different than it was in Generation IV. For starters, they give you a Macho Brace in the middle of the game for free, an item that doubles your EV gain while equipped. It’s not the best thing in the world for EV training, but it’s a start until you can power up some pokemon for the Battle Subway.

The next big change is that there is no longer ANY way to reduce your EVs: Once trained, no EV training can be undone. Period. There’s no place to reset them, none of the EV-reducing berries exist anymore, and there’s no way to get them into Black & White. It was nice while it lasted, but hey, at least you don’t have to farm berries anymore, right?

So once you get to endgame and you can start EV-training your real team, set aside those poorly EV-trained first play through pokemon you used. Sure, they might’ve been great to get you through the game, but their natures are probably less than ideal and their EV training spread must be abysmal. I know you’re probably sentimentally attached to them, so I’m not saying release them into the wild, but you know…it’s time to move on.

The first thing you’ll want to do in the endgame, if you haven’t already, is get those Synchronize pokemon. I used Munna because you can catch/breed them super early, but Elgyem and its evolution can have Synchronize, too. Anyway, breed/catch them until you have the natures you’d like (I typically get Adamant, Jolly, Timid, and Modest as soon as possible) and set those pokemon aside in your boxes. Once you’ve done that, head over to the Giant Chasm off of Route 13 (Home to Kyurem) and make sure you bring a pokemon with Strength and Surf.

As an aside, Tirtouga is a great HM user as he can learn Surf, Strength, Waterfall, and Dive. You get him from the Cover Fossil obtained at the Relic Castle when you bring it to the clerk in the Nacrene City museum.

Once in the Giant Chasm, make your way through the cave into the outdoors area again and start fighting anywhere in the grass. You’ll find Ditto 15% of the time and this is the only place to catch it in Black & White, so go nuts until you’ve got what you want. I recommend you bring your low-level Synchronize pokemon, preferably with Yawn or Hypnotize. Lead with it, then on turn one, use Yawn/Hypnotize. Ditto will copy your crappy, low-level synchronizer and then immediately fall asleep, leaving you to switch out, False Swipe it to 1 HP with one hit, and capture it with ease. Do this until you’ve got the Dittos you want, which shouldn’t take long since you already have your synchronizers to help you out. You might want to save a few extra, as Ditto are oft-requested on the GTS.

After you’re all set with Ditto and synchronizers, you should get to breeding those pokemon you’re going to want to use in the endgame. Head to the Chargestone Cave and get a Tynamo. Go to the Challenger’s Cave off of Route 8 and pick up your Riolu. Get Zorua and Zoroark if you got the Gamestop promos for them. Download your Liberty Pass and go get a good-natured Victini (you still have time!). Get your Larvesta egg from the guy in the suite on Route 18. Get to the Mistralton Cave off of Route 6 and catch some Axew. Go hunt down the Musketeer Trio starting with Cobalion in Mistralton Cave. Basically, go nuts and go find all of the cool pokemon that you can now get, catch or breed them for good natures (and even good IVs if you have the patience) now that you have synchronizers and Dittos, and get ready for some EV training.

Remember that Macho Brace? It’s going to be your best friend for a while. Once you’ve got a good-natured pokemon you want to train, figure out what stats you want and head to some of the EV Training Hotspots I’ve outlined below. After some patience, you’ll have your first fully EV-trained pokemon and you’ll be ready to hit up the Battle Subway. You can do this sooner with the pokemon you used to beat the game (anything level 50+ works as they all get down-leveled to 50), but with their imperfect EV spreads it might be a bit challenging. With even one fully EV-trained monster like Haxorus, Lucario, or whatever, you’ll probably be able to beat the Single Subway’s 21-streak challenge. The first seven battle streak gets you 3 BP, as does the 8-14 streak, and you get an additional 10 BP for beating the Subway Boss in battle 21, earning you a total of 16 BP. It just so happens that it costs exactly 16 BP to buy the EV-enhancing items like the Power Belt, Power Anklet, and so on, making the rest of your EV training that much easier.

After all of that, it’s up to you on what to do next. Are you going to try to catch Kyurem, the wandering Kami, and the Musketeer Trio? Are you going to breed the ultimate pokemon with phenomenal natures and IVs? Catch a ton of previous generation pokemon? Dominate the Battle Subway and earn all of your Choice items? It’s up to you! In Black & White, there’s certainly a ton to do once you’ve beaten the game once, so get ready for a lot of pet projects and a bunch of fun stuff waiting for you.

Finally, as promised, I’ve outlined the best EV Training Hotspots in the game for you. I’ve been recovering from surgery these last few days and all I’ve really been able to do is sleep and play video games, so I’ve gotten to thoroughly research the absolute best locations to do all of your EV training. Without further ado, here are the fruits of my labor:


EV Training Hotspots


  • Where? Route 1
  • Fight? Patrat and Lillipup (1 Attack EV each)
  • Run from? Audino (2 HP EV). They only appear in shaky grass, don’t worry.
  • Why is this a good spot? It’s incredibly easy to access, being the first route in the game, and Patrat and Lillipup are absolutely the only pokemon you’ll see except for the occasional shaking grass with an Audino. Since there are no EV-reducing items in Black & White, purity is more important than training speed, so having 100% of your encounters be the EV you want is vital. This is the ideal location for Attack training because of that.

Special Attack

  • Where? Celestial Tower (off of Route 7 between Mistralton and Icirrus)
  • Fight? Litwick and Elgyem (1 Special Attack EV each)
  • Run from? Nothing! Sweet!
  • Why is this a good spot? For the same purity reasons as Route 1 for Attack, the Celestial Tower is perfect for Special Attack. 100% of the pokemon you’ll see yield Special Attack EVs and they both crumble very easily. You might need to lead with a weaker pokemon and do your battles with a stronger one, so it could take a little while longer if you haven’t Day Care’d your trainee up to about 30, but it’s worth it. Be careful of the trainers, though: make sure to clear them out before you start EV training because not all of them yield Special Attack EVs!


  • Where? Surfing just about anywhere. I recommend Route 1.
  • Fight? Basculin (2 Speed EV)
  • Run from? As long as you surf in an early enough location, nothing.
  • Why is this a good spot? Basculin go down very easily and they are all you’ll encounter while surfing almost all of the time. It’s a guarantee on Route 1’s water and usually pretty certain even in later areas. There’s no better way to train Speed EVs.


  • Where? Chargestone Cage
  • Fight? Klink (29%) and Ferroseed (20%) (1 Defense EV each). Optional: Boldore (10%) (1 Attack EV and 1 Defense EV)
  • Run from? Joltik and Tynamo (1 Speed EV each)
  • Why is this a good spot? Frankly, it’s not. Only 49% of the pokemon you’ll fight here give you solely Defense EVs, 59% if you fight Boldore for some Attack EVs, too. The problem is that there are no 100% Defense EV training spots and it’s the only stat like that. I recommend grabbing the Power Belt as one of your first EV-enhancing items (if you plan to EV train something in Defense, of course) and training elsewhere for whatever your second (or third) EV stat is going to be.

Defense Spot #2

  • Where? Pinwheel Forest (Inner), normal grass
  • Fight? Venipede (20%) and Sewaddle (40%) (1 Defense EV each).
  • Run from? Pidove (1 Speed EV) and Cottonee/Petilil
  • Why is this a good spot? Like the Chargestone Cave, it’s really not great, but the bonus is that 60% of your fights here will be against pokemon yielding Defense EVs rather than 49% in the Chargestone Cave. There’s less opportunity for bonus items on the side (from the dust clouds in the cave), but it might be worth it to train a little bit faster. Again, I recommend training Defense EVs solely with the Power Belt and doing it alongside a different stat, but if you don’t have one yet then this might be the place for you.

Special Defense

  • Where? Relic Castle, Volcarona’s Room only
  • Fight? Claydol (2 Special Defense EVs)
  • Run from? Nothing. Claydol is the only pokemon you’ll encounter in this room (aside from the obvious Volcarona waiting for you to fight it if you haven’t already).
  • Why is this a good spot? You only fight Claydol here, so 100% of your EVs are for Special Defense. Like the other 100% spots, this is crucial in Black & White because you CANNOT undo any EV training. Claydol will be level 47-50, too, so bring a good bug, ghost, water, grass, ice or dark pokemon to do the fighting for your trainee but expect to get some leveling done, too! You can only access this one after you’ve beaten the game, but it’s absolutely worth waiting for (and you shouldn’t really be EV training beforehand anyway).
  • Wait, where’s Volcarona’s Room? I didn’t make this video, but this is a perfect YouTube video of the endgame Relic Castle. It shows you where to get the Calm Mind and Earthquake TMs as well as a PP Max. The Sage you see him talk to in the video? Volcarona’s room is right above where he was standing.

Aside: Volcarona is a level 70 beast here. You can breed Larvesta from the egg you get on Route 18 and eventually raise one, but if you’re feeling brave and want to get a level 70 Volcarona right away, this is your chance. Come prepared with something that resists bug and fire, otherwise you’re in for a hell of a battle.


  • Where? Route 8, surfing
  • Fight? Stunfisk (2 HP EVs) and Seismitoad (3 HP EVs, surfing spots only)
  • If, for some odd reason, you’d prefer to fish, you can also fight Barboach, but they’re only worth 1 HP EV. To each their own, I guess.
  • Run from? As long as you’re surfing? Nothing. Wander in the wetlands, run from Shelmet (1 Defense EV).
  • Why is this a good spot? The same reason as all of the other 100% spots: When surfing here, 100% of your encounters (even surf spots!) will be for pokemon that yield HP EVs. Beyond that, you get 2-3 per fight, so that’s a pretty sweet bonus.

That’s all! If you find a better EV Training Hotspot, particularly in terms of Defense, let me know in the comments and I’ll update the guide and give you credit accordingly.

Also, because I’ve been hearing rumors of my guides getting used in other places on the internet, I just wanted to make it clear that this blog is authored by me, Jake Vander Ende (rxninja), and it and the views contained therein are mine and mine alone. All text content on this blog is original, not the result of blogspamming, scraping, or copy-pasting from any other websites, and, as such, I reserve the right to copy, post, or share it at my discretion. I’ve made this blog a Creative Commons licensed blog, so viewers can share it with others so long as they give me credit for it and link back to my blog (https://asherald.wordpress.com). Thanks, folks!